Friday, July 07, 2006

The Wild Imaginations of Nagesh and Varsha

This is a tale written by us, Varsha and Nagesh in collaboration. No discussion about the story line, just posting, each one at our own pace. First episode written in jul and the last one in september. So do check out whats the outcome, and give us your feedback. And make a guess, which of us has written which episode. Won't be tough if you have read our individual blogs.

Episode 1:

Nita knew that she had no choice but to do what she was doing. She had spent days pondering over her decision. Will he understand her? Leave alone supporting her...
It was not easy...not at all easy ....but did she have much of a choice? She knew the tough decisions she was taking now will make way for a greater love and happiness in the future...a future that was not too far. But till then she had no choice but to face any hardships that might fall unto her. She clutched her handbag closer to herself and started fiddling with the zipper..a sign that reflected her anxiety; her own slightest doubts in the plan. she dragged her feet along the uneven path beneath her feet, which were shaky from the long walk and the rough weather.

Episode 2:

Resting his head on the not so cozy cane chair, Naresh was lost in an equal ponder. He was already done with the foot-dragging march on the rough pavement on his way back home. The thoughts in his Sinusitis-struck head were deep with its echoes shrill, that ended with a bold question mark. "Whats troubling you Nita?". The thoughts were supported by Jagjit's Ghazal playing on his PC singing "Kya Gham hai jisko Chipaa rahe ho.. tum itna jo muskuraa rahe ho". Naresh pondered hard to extrapolate the reason behind the grey tension that vieled his beloved Nita's fair happy face. Or perhaps, it was her fair face veiling the dark stress showing its gruesome grey.

Naresh knew that Nita had found her happiness in him, as much as he discovered his completeness in her. Inspite of his trials so far, he was unable to arrive at the reasons of Nita's distress. Naresh's thoughts ran through a series of eliminations.. "It couldn't be our parents, they have afterall given consent for our marriage" "She is almost through with her studies and is poised to get through her next level too!.. hmmm studies isnt the reason for her distress"

The suspense mounted deeper and deeper till it tranquilized Naresh to the darkness of the night, beyond the point where his sleeplessness couldn't hold him awake.

Episode 3:

Nita knocked on the door. The door which had the answer to her querry. A tired faced Makrand opened the door.
"Come on in.."
Nita entered. Sat on a not so comfortable low seat. A glass of water was served. She drank a few sips, as if just for formality. Her dry mouth needed more than the few drops she had. But then that was the last thing on her mind.
"So you are sure about your decision.....?" asked Mac, as he was called. His friends found his long name very cumbersome.
"Yes" she said in a shaky tone, which even a child wouldn't have believed.
"Nita....I understand its tough. But if your mind is made up, nothing else will matter. "
She mumbled a yes, which probably she didn't hear either.
"No force absolutely Nita..think it over." Mac said with concern.

Next to Naresh, only Mac knew Nita as well as he did. They had worked together in the art gallery. Nita to earn some pocket money for her studies and him, an art freak, passionate about his work. And he could understand Nita's concern. All the same he felt she was giving the issue more attention than it deserved.

"Mac here's the cash, she handed him a thick bundle. All of Rs.50,000. Each and every penny of what I saved over past so many years with you here at the gallery. Plus all my cash gifts, daily savings, small investments..all put together. Pack that lovely picture. Naresh will love it, the art connossieur he is. Although he will chide me about drowning all my savings for this. But as we both discussed, its worth more than what I pay. Just a little anxious to spend all of this at once. "
"Good going girl. Trust me you are buying a treasure. Its packed and ready, shall be delivered to Naresh in an hour. I paid Nattu extra for this late night delivery. At sharp 00:00, for his birthday, Naresh will recieve this lovely present."
"Thanks a lot Mac, you are just great...." Nita gave him a warm hug and left the art gallery with a lost smile on her face.

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